Ord. No.    Date    Description
497    6-26-23    Appropriation to widen Richmond Pike St.
547    10-6-24    Appropriation of 50 square rods to extend Maple St.
596       Purchase of 12 acres for water works purposes.
651A    9-7-37    Purchase of Lot 1269 for a garage site.
814    8-16-55    Accepting title to Crystal Lake.
821    5-1-56    Authorizes purchase of land of Mitchell for water works purposes.
826    9-18-56    Accepting title of land for extension of Gilmore Ave., Wayne Ave.  and E. High St.
869    7-5-61    Accepting title to land adjacent to E. Spring St.
870    8-15-61    Authorizing purchase of land for water works purposes.
Res.7    9-4-62    Authorizing purchase of land for sanitary landfill.
51    6-2-64    Conveyance of 3.29 acres to Eaton Country Club; receipt of 2.37 acres.
Res.30    10-6-64    Directing payment for purchase of Wayne Dairy parking lot.
Res.47    6-1-65    Accepting deed to tract of land along east bank of Crystal Lake and south of W. Main St.
Res.69-1    1-7-69    Directing Law Director to file a petition appropriating property for a water well field and water treatment plant.
Res.69-8    4-25-69    Authorizing purchase of Lots 451 and 452 for future expansion of public facilities.
Res.69-20    9-9-69    Authorizing purchase of a water treatment plant site.
71-23    11-9-71    Authorizing execution and delivery of a deed to part of the SW quarter of Sec. 22, Gasper Twp., R-2, T-7, to the County Commissioners for landfill purposes.
72-9    3-7-72    Accepting deed from Community Improvement Corp. for part of the  NW quarter of Washington Twp., Sec. 33, T-8N., R-2E.
72-10    3-7-72    Accepting deed of Joseph and Sarah Jane Poos to part of Outlot 133.
Res.73-11    3-19-73    Authorizing purchase of Lot 154 for the purpose of expanding the City's metered parking lot.
Res.74-10    2-5-74    Authorizing acquisition and acceptance of Preble County Bin Site No. 99.
Res.76-29   11-22-76    Authorizing purchase of part of Out Lots 40 and 12-1/2 (a.k.a. Mobil Bulk Plant No. 34533).
77-11    10-14-77    Authorizing sale of .371 acre strip of land north of Lots 1770 through 1774.
77-19     11-1-77     Authorizing sale of City-owned property in the northwest quarter of Sec. 35, Twp. 8 north, Range 2 east, containing approximately 0. 060 acres.
Res.78-1    1-3-78    Authorizing sale of 0.060 acres north of Lot 1775 in the Williams Park Addition.
78-18    9-12-78    Authorizing appropriation of 0.8111 acres in Out Lot 130 for construction of an open drainage ditch.
78-21    9-12-78    Authorizing appropriation of 8.2323 acres in Out Lot 130 for addition to the wastewater treatment plant.
Res. 80-33    7-8-80    Authorizing purchase of 1003 Aukerman St. for Housing Rehabilitation Program.
Res.80-42    8-12-80    Authorizing purchase of 318 Hubble St. for Housing Rehabilitation Program.
Res.80-43    8-12-80    Authorizing purchase of 114 E. Mechanic St. for Housing Rehabilitation Program.
Res.80-44    12-9-80    Authorizing purchase of 418 E. Main St. for Housing Rehabilitation Program.
Res.80-57    12-23-80    Authorizing purchase of 330 Deem St. for Housing Rehabilitation Program.
Res.80-58    12-23-80    Authorizing purchase of 219 E. Eidson St. for Housing Rehabilitation Program.
81-8    4-14-81    Authorizing sale of 114 E. Mechanic St., 418 E. Main St. and 219 E. Eidson St.
82-8    3-9-82    Authorizing sale of 416-418 E. Main St.
82-16    6-15-82    Authorizing sale of 330 Deem St. and 318 Hubble St.
Res.82-22    6-8-82    Accepting purchase bid for 416-418 E. Main St. and executing a deed therefor.
Res.82-27    7-13-82    Authorizing exchange of Grain Bin Storage Site No. 99 for part of Outlot 83 in Sec. 27, T8, R2E, for recreational purposes.
Res.82-35    10-12-82    Accepting purchase bid for 330 Deem St. and executing a deed therefor.
Res.82-40    12-14-82    Accepting purchase bid for 318 Hubble St. and executing a deed therefor.
Res.87-18    4-20-87    Authorizing sale of Eaton Municipal Tennis Court.
Res.87-22    4-28-87    Accepting donation of 101-107 W. Main St. from Brown Publishing Co.
Res.87-25    5-18-87    Accepting purchase bid for part of Outlot 29 on W. Lexington Rd.
90-15    10-15-90    Authorizing sale of old City garage on corner of Bruce and Aukerman Sts. to Bd. of Education.
91-6    4-15-91    Authorizing sale of 1.83 acres in Part Outlot 29.
91-7    4-15-91    Authorizing sale of part of Lot 662.
91-10    7-15-91    Authorizing sale of 1.971 acres in Part Outlot 29.
Res.91-22    5-20-91    Authorizing sale of part of Lot 662 to J. A. Moore.
91-28    7-15-91    Approving the conveyance of the Fort St. Clair State Memorial to the City.
92-3   3-16-92   Authorizes sale of 18.815 acres to Preble County Sanitary Landfill and/or Preble County Bd.  of Commissioners.
Res.92-42   11-16-92   Authorizes conveyance of 3.16 acres for use by Mound Hill Union Cemetery.
95-10   9-18-95   Authorizes purchase of real property at 314 N.  Maple St.
95-14   12-18-95   Authorizes purchase of real property at 310 N.  Maple St.
96-10   6-17-96   Authorizes purchase of real property at 318 E.  Decatur St.
98-5   2-20-98   Authorizes placing bid to purchase real property at 328 E.  Decatur St.
98-11   3-16-98   Authorizes offering for sale of 0.036 acres, part of Outlot 163, S. part of E.  Lexington Rd.
Res.98-21   4-20-98   Authorizes sale of part of Outlot 163.
98-18   6-15-98   Authorizing the City Manager to purchase 0.536 acres located in the area of Wayne Trace Rd.  and E.  Main St.
98-30   1-19-99   Authorizes sale of Brooke-Gould Library to Preble County District Library.
99-5   3-15-99   Appropriates fee simple title for real property for public purpose of North Barron Street Improvement Project.
Res.00-03   1-18-00   Authorizing City Manager to purchase approximately 39 acres on Eaton-Gettysburg Rd. from the Board of Preble County Commissioners.
01-16   4-16-01   Authorizes purchase of r-o-w, Part Outlot 175, U.S. Rt. 35 East (1.8 acres), owned by Frizzell Construction, Inc. for extension of Wayne Trace Rd.
01-17   4-16-01   Authorizes purchase of 120 McCabe St., formerly the J.E. Parker Building.
01-29   11-5-01   Authorizes conveyance of 10 acres on Washington-Jackson Rd. to Preble County Youth Foundation.
Res.01-55   10-15-01   Authorizing City Manager to obtain 13 acres from the Board of Preble County Commissioners.
02-02   3-18-02   Authorizes offer for sale by competitive bid, real property (Lot 436) at 120 E. McCabe St.
02-04   6-17-02   Authorizes purchase of 4 acres on SW corner of Washington- Jackson Rd. and Preble Drive.
Res.02-29   9-16-02   Approving the sale of Lot #436, 120 East McCabe Street.
03-11   4-21-03   Directs appropriation of fee simple interest in real estate for water supply purposes, per Res. 02-38.
07-03A   5-8-07   Authorizes the acquisition of 1685 U.S. Route 35 West.
08-04   4-21-08   Authorizes the purchase of 3.165 acres from the Board of Preble County Commissioners.
11-13   9-19-11   Appropriates property designated as project parcels 1-WD, 53- SH, 53-T, 42-T and 42-T1 for the Park Ave. Improvement Project.
18-03   6-18-18   Authorizing the City Manager to execute the purchase agreement for 308 North Maple Street.
19-15      9-16-19   Authorizes the purchase of two parcels at 517 South Barron Street.