The Squad Chief shall have command over all members of the Division and shall possess all necessary power over persons and property which shall be reasonably necessary in any medical emergency.  It shall be the duty of the Squad Chief to instruct the other members of the Division in the operation of the apparatus and equipment, so that members of the Division are capable and efficient in the operation of the same.  It shall be his duty to examine into the condition of all apparatus belonging to the Division, and when apparatus used for the purpose of the Division requires any alterations, additions or repairs, he shall report the same to the City Manager.  It shall be his duty to receive and transmit to the City Manager all pertinent communications relating to the Division, to keep an exact roll of the squad company, to make a report to the City Manager of each squad run and to submit annually a summary of all squad runs  and an inventory of all equipment with a statement of its condition to the City Manager.
(Ord. 04-29.  Passed 10-18-04.)