Type of Installation                  Fee
   Non Residential
      Up to 400 amp service (2 inspections)      $150.00
      400 amp or greater service (3 inspections)      $200.00
      Additional inspections (each)            $50.00
   Single-family home (rough, conditional and final inspections)   $130.00
   Multifamily home (rough, conditional and final inspections),
      each unit                  $110.00
   Garages and utility buildings             $ 50.00
   Alteration and additions               $ 50.00
   HVAC (each circuit)
      Residential                   $ 35.00
      Non Residential               $ 55.00
   Swimming Pools                   $ 50.00 (per  inspection)
   Neon Signs                     $ 50.00
   Festival Inspections                   $100.00  (first 3
                           hours with
                           each additional
                           hour at a rate of
                           $35.00 per hour or
                               fraction thereof)
   Miscellaneous Inspection,               $50.00
          such as but not limited to:
      Temporary pole service
      Service reconnect
      Service change
      Mobile home service   
   Temporary service electrical permits shall expire six months from the date of issuance after which the temporary service shall be disconnected and removed from the premises.  Requests for an extension must be made in writing and delivered to the City of Eaton Building Department Building Official at least ten days before the expiration date of permit.  Extension requests must be accompanied by a ten dollar ($10.00)
(Ord. 07-12.  Passed 11-30-07.)