TITLE FIVE - Administrative
Chap. 131.   City Manager.
Chap. 133.   Department of Finance.
Chap. 135.    Department of Law.
Chap. 137.    Department of Safety.
Chap. 139.    Department of Service.
Chap. 141.    Division of Police.
Chap. 143.    Division of Fire.
Chap. 144.    Division of Emergency Medical Rescue Service (Eaton Emergency Squad).
Chap. 145.    Division of Building and Zoning.
Chap. 147.    Division of Public Maintenance.
Chap. 151.    Division of Public Works.
Chap. 155.   Civil Service Commission.
Chap. 161.   Recreation and Park Board.
Chap. 165.   Sale or Lease of City Property.