(a)    Smoke Detectors. Existing Group R occupancies not already provided with single- station smoke alarms shall be provided with approved single-station smoke alarms.
   (b)    Installation.  Approved single station smoke alarms shall be installed in existing dwelling units, congregate residences, and hotel and lodging house guestrooms.  Installation shall be in accordance with the Ohio Fire Code.
   (c)    Power Source. In Group R occupancies, single-station smoke alarms shall be battery-operated or shall received their primary power from the building wiring, provided that such wiring is served from a commercial source.  When power is provided by the building wiring, the wiring shall be permanent and without a disconnection switch other than those required for over-current protection.  When the power is provided by batteries, it shall be the duty of the occupant to maintain such power source.
(Ord. 04-36.  Passed 1-18-05.)