(a)   The installation of a minimum of one early fire warning device per dwelling unit is hereby required for all new single and multiple occupancy residential dwellings constructed subsequent to the effective date of this section. As an alternative to a smoke detector, an approved fire detection system may be installed. Each such fire detection system must be individually approved and a permit issued therefor by the Fire Division.
   (b)    The owner of all existing single and multiple occupancy residential structures with two or more dwelling units for which no early fire warning requirements have been imposed by other applicable municipal ordinance or state law shall install an early fire warning system (i.e., smoke detector) on or before December 31, 1993, or at the time of any change in ownership and/or when a structural change or repair is made in excess of one thousand dollars ($1,000), whichever occurs first, in accordance with the requirements of this section. There shall be a minimum of one fire warning device for each dwelling unit.
(Ord. 92-6.  Passed 5-18-92.)