(a)    The owner may, within fifteen days after receipt of notice, make a demand, in writing, to the Building Official for a hearing on the question of whether in fact a public nuisance exists. The hearing shall be held within a reasonable time, not to exceed thirty days following receipt of the written demand, and at least two days notice in writing of the hearing shall be given to the owner. The hearing shall be conducted by the Nuisance Appeals Board.
   (b)    A written statement of the conditions or circumstances that comprise the reason for convening the Board must be filed with the Building Official and the office of the City Manager. The Board may, by majority vote:
      (1)    Sustain the finding that a public nuisance exists on the property and order the abatement thereof by repair or replacement of the items found to constitute a public nuisance, or order the abatement thereof by demolition;
      (2)    Reverse the finding that a public nuisance exists on the property and rescind the order of the Building Official;
      (3)    Continue the matter for a period not to exceed forty-five days for further investigation and disposition; or
      (4)    Take such other action and render such other orders as it deems appropriate within the authority conferred by this chapter.
   A copy of the decision and order of the Board shall be promptly served upon the owner. (Ord. 82-25. Passed 1-11-83.)