As used in this chapter:
   (a)    "Building Official" means the person appointed to the position of Building Official or a person designated by the City Manager to act in his or her behalf.
   (b)    "Owner" means the owner of record of the premises in fee or a lesser estate therein, a vendee in possession, a trustee in bankruptcy, a receiver, an executor, an administrator or a trustee, as determined by an examination of  public records of the County.
   (c)    "Public nuisance" means any underground container or storage tank, fence, wall, garage, shed, house, lot, building, structure, tree, pole, smokestack, excavation, basement, cellar, well, cistern, sidewalk subspace, walk, driveway, terrace, steps or parts thereof, foundation or concrete slab if, by reason of its condition, it shall or may endanger health, life, limb or property, or cause any hurt, harm, inconvenience, discomfort, damage or injury, in any one or more of the following particulars:
      (1)    By reason of being detrimental to the general health of the community;
      (2)    By reason of being a fire hazard;
      (3)    By reason of being unsafe for occupancy or use on, in, upon, about or around the premises; or
      (4)    By reason of continued vacancy thereby resulting in lack of reasonable or adequate maintenance of structures and grounds and causing a deteriorating and blighting influence on nearby properties and thereby depreciating the enjoyment and use of the property in the immediate vicinity to such an extent that it is harmful to the community in which such structure is situated.
         (Ord. 82-25. Passed 1-11-83.)