1321.07  PADS; PATIOS.
   (a)    Each mobile home space shall have a concrete foundation pad at least ten feet by twenty feet and four inches thick, positioned at an angle in relation to the access street to make placement and removal of the mobile home practical.
   (b)    Each mobile home pad shall have anchors and tie-downs imbedded in the concrete to secure the mobile home even in a high wind situation. There shall be a minimum of at least four such anchors or tie-downs at the corners of the pad.
   (c)    A paved patio of at least 180 square feet in area shall be located on each mobile home space to provide outdoor living space convenient to the entrance of the mobile home and in an appropriate relationship to open areas of the space.
   (d)    All areas of the mobile home space not covered by the mobile home or a paved area should be covered and maintained with grass or other attractive landscaping material.
(Ord. 70-6. Passed 4-7-70.)