(a)    The owner and occupants of dwellings and business houses shall display the certified house number on or near their dwellings in a prominent and conspicuous location, preferably near the front entry way, not obstructed so that the house number is easily visible and discernible from the street to facilitate public safety response units in finding and identifying the structure.
   (b)    Only Arabic numerals at least three (3) inches in height shall be used for such required house numbers, whether the house number is displayed on the dwelling or business house or posted on a free-standing yard sign.
   (c)    The above section shall not prohibit an owner or occupant from displaying the designated number in more than one location on the premises, or in another manner, such as script, so long as the basic requirements of this chapter are met.
(Ord.  93-2.  Passed 3-15-93.)