In addition to the applicable sections of the National Electrical Code, all newly constructed and altered structures must comply with the following regulations:
   (a)    The use of No. 14 wire is prohibited for all circuits except those used strictly for lighting purposes.
   (b)    The use of push-in connections on electrical devices such as, but not limited to, receptacles and switches is prohibited.
   (c)    Aluminum wire may be used for service entrance cable only.
   (d)    No more than eight receptacles may be connected on one circuit.
   (e)    All motor-generated appliances must be served by a circuit dedicated to that appliance.
   (f)    Romex cable connections to electrical boxes must be made with a separate box connector for each romex cable run into the box.
   (g)    Twenty ampere receptacles may be required in locations specified by the electrical inspector.
(Ord. 88-14. Passed 10-17-88.)