(a)   Authority.  Whenever the Building Official finds any work regulated by this Code being performed in a manner contrary to the provisions of this Code or in a dangerous or unsafe manner, the Building Official is authorized to issue a stop work order whenever the Building Official finds, after inspection, that the site preparations or structure to be constructed, or in the case of an industrialized unit, the installation of the unit, or that the use of an appliance, materials, assemblage, or manufactured product does not comply with the provisions of Chapters 3781 and 3791 of the Ohio Revised Code or the rules adopted pursuant thereto.  The effect of such an order shall be limited to the matter specified in the order.
   (b)   Issuance.  The stop work order shall be in writing and shall be given to the owner of the property involved, or to the owner’s agent and the person doing the work.  Upon issuance of a stop work order, the cited work shall immediately cease. The stop work order shall state the reason for the order, and the conditions under which the cited work will be permitted to resume.
   (c)   Unlawful Continuance.  Any person who shall continue any work after having been served with a stop work order, except such work as that person is directed to perform to remove a violation or unsafe condition.  Failure to cease work after receipt of a stop work order is hereby declared a public nuisance.
(OBC 114)