(a)   The Historic District Review Board shall review applications for Certificates of Appropriateness within the Historic Overlay District and approve, approve with modifications, or deny such applications, in accordance with the Requirements and Standards outlined in this UDO.
   (b)    Submittal Requirements:
      (1)   General Submittal Requirements: The following general requirements shall apply:
         A.   Each request for a Certificate of Appropriateness shall include an application form, provided by the City, with the submittal;
         B.   Only complete applications shall be processed by the City. The Building and Zoning Official or the TRC, as appropriate, shall make determination as to completeness;
         C.   The Zoning and Building Official, after consultation with the City Engineer, may waive requirements, if in his judgment, the project is minor in nature or he may request additional supporting information that in his professional judgment is necessary to fully explain the applicant’s proposal. The applicant shall supply the requested additional information;
         D.   Legal Description of property or portion thereof;
         E.    The name(s), address(s), and telephone numbers of the applicant(s), and the property owner(s) if other than the applicant(s), with a notarized letter of authorization from the property owner;
            (Ord. 06-15.  Passed 8-26-06.)
         F.   A list of all owners of property that are contiguous to the subject parcel or lot or that are across the street from it.  (The list shall be based upon the Preble County Auditor's current tax lists).
            (Ord. 08-08. Passed 8-18-08.)
      (2)   Specific Submittal Requirements:  The applicant shall submit with his application, drawings, material and color samples, sketches and other information that indicate or identify the proposed exterior, and that show that his proposal meets the design requirements and standards of the Historic Overlay District, as outlined in Section 1109.04.
   (c)   Process: Applications for Certificates of Appropriateness shall be submitted and reviewed according to the following steps:
      (1)   Pre-application Meeting: If necessary, and as determined by the applicant and the City Engineer, the applicant shall meet with the TRC prior to submitting an application for a Certificate of Appropriateness. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss the proposal and to provide feedback regarding applicable standards and requirements.
      (2)   Formal Application Submittal:  The applicant shall submit an application meeting all of the applicable requirements of Section 1109.04.  All applications shall be submitted by the application deadline established by the City Manager. 
         (Ord. 06-15.  Passed 8-26-06.)
      (3)   Review by the TRC:  Upon receipt of an application, the City Engineer shall forward the application to the TRC.  The TRC shall review the application for completeness, and if the application is incomplete, shall advise the applicant of the deficiencies and inform the applicant that no further action may be taken on the application until all necessary and required information has been provided.  If the application is deemed complete the TRC shall recommend to the City Engineer that the City officially accept the application.  Only complete applications should be forwarded to the Historic Review Board. 
      (4)   Review by the Historic Review Board: Upon determination by the TRC that an application contains all the necessary and required information, the City Engineer should place the application on Historic District Review Board's agenda.
      (5)   Preparation of Staff Report: The City Engineer shall prepare a staff report providing an analysis of the proposal and a recommendation.  The City Engineer shall consider comments from the TRC in formulating his recommendation.  The application and all supplemental information filed with the application shall be forwarded to the Historic District Review Board by the 15th calendar day of the  month prior to the month in which the meeting is scheduled; which the Board will thereby consider the application.  At said meeting, the City Engineer shall present his report to the Historic District Review Board.
      (6)     Historic District Review Board Action: The Historic District Review Board shall review the application for its compliance with the design requirements and standards of the Historic Overlay District, as outlined in Section 1109.04, and within thirty (30) days shall grant, deny, or grant with modifications or conditions a Certificate of Appropriateness, unless such time is extended by a majority vote of this Board.
   (d)   Standards for Approval: The Historic District Review Board and the Appeals Board, upon appeal, shall consider the following criteria in approving applications for Certificates of Appropriateness:  (Ord. 08-08.  Passed 8-18-08.)
      (1)   It fully complies with the applicable requirements of this UDO;
      (2)   It meets the specific design requirements of Section 1109.04(f); and
      (3)   It meets the General Standards for Review outlined in Section 1109.04(g).
         (Ord. 06-15.  Passed 8-26-06.)