Where possible, this Section intends to accommodate the simultaneous processing of applications for different permits and approvals which may be required for the same development project in order to make the review process as short as possible. Such possibilities for concurrent filing and processing of applications include, but are not limited to, the following:
   (a)   A Rezoning and an Overlay District;
   (b)   An Overlay District along with a Subdivision; 
   (c)   A Conditional Use along with an Overlay District;
   (d)   A Conditional Use along with a Rezoning,
   (e)   A conditional Use along with Major or Minor Site Plan;
   (f)   A Variance along with a Preliminary Subdivision Plan, a Preliminary Development Plan, or a major or minor Site Plan;
   (g)   A Variance along with a Conditional Use; or
   (h)   A Variance along with a Major Accessory Use.
      (Ord. 05-13.  Passed 11-7-05.)