The following requirements apply generally throughout this chapter:
   (a)   All applications for the Planning Board approval will first be reviewed by the Technical Review Committee (TRC) for completeness. The City Engineer will prepare a recommendation and will make a presentation at the Planning Board meeting.
   (b)   All application for Appeals Board approval or review shall be made to the Building Official and shall be reviewed by the TRC for completeness. The Building Official will prepare a report with recommendations and will make a presentation at Appeals Board.
   (c)   All applications for permits, administrative approvals or other approvals shall be made to either the Building Official or the City Engineer, as required by this UDO.
   (d)   No amendments to the UDO shall be effective until 30 days after approval by City Council unless otherwise indicated by emergency legislation.
      (Ord. 05-13.  Passed 11-7-05.)