All compensated positions in the service of the City shall be in the classified service, except as herein defined, and shall be appointed and promoted, as far as practicable, pursuant to competitive examinations and in accordance with the rules and regulations established by the Civil Service Commission.
   Unclassified Service.  The following positions shall comprise the unclassified service:
   (a)   Members of Council.
   (b)     The Clerk of Council and other employees of the Council.
   (c)     The City Manager.
   (d)     Assistants to the Manager.
   (e)     The Directors of Departments, Division Heads, and the assistants to each.
   (f)     Members of Boards and Commissions.
   (g)     Any office or position requiring exceptional or professional qualifications.
   (h)     Seasonal and part-time employees.
   (i)     Unskilled laborers as designated by the Commission.
   (j)     Any employee employed under a state or federally funded program as approved by the Civil Service Commission.
   (k)     Positions created by Council and designated as unclassified as approved by the Civil Service Commission.
   (l)   Positions determined and designated by the Civil Service Commission as being impractical to test.
   Classified Service. The classified service shall comprise all positions not specifically included in this Charter in the unclassified service as exempt positions.
(Amended 11-7-00)