TITLE TWO - Administration, Enforcement and Penalties
      Chap. 402   Definitions.
      Chap. 404   Enforcement; Impounding.
      Chap. 406   Traffic Control.
      Chap. 408   Penalties.
   TITLE FOUR - Public Ways and Traffic Control Devices
      Chap. 412   Obstruction and Special Uses of Public Ways.
      Chap. 414   Traffic Control Devices.
      Chap. 416   Pedestrians.
   TITLE SIX - Operation and Vehicles
      Chap. 432   Operation Generally.
      Chap. 434   OVI; Reckless Operation; Speed.
      Chap. 436   Licensing; Accidents.
      Chap. 438   Safety and Equipment.
      Chap. 440   Commercial and Heavy Vehicles.
      Chap. 442   Drivers of Commercial Vehicles.
      Chap. 444   Offenses Relating to Theft and Fraud.
      Chap. 446   Junk or Unlicensed Vehicles.
   TITLE EIGHT - Parking
      Chap. 452   Parking Generally.
      Chap. 454   Parking meters. (Repealed)
      Chap. 456   Restricted parking zone.
      Chap. 458   Parking Violations Bureau.
   TITLE TEN - Bicycles, Motorcycles and Snowmobiles
      Chap. 474   Bicycles and Motorcycles.
      Chap. 476   Snowmobiles and All-Purpose Vehicles.