General Provisions
   34.001   Authorizing Tax Collector to retain payments in excess of the amount due provided the excess is less than $5
   34.002   Persons owing past due property taxes
   34.003   Property on which property taxes are past due
   34.004   Abatement and deferral of payment of property tax
   34.005   Date taxes become past due
Tax Exempt Organizations
   34.020   Property tax exemption for property leased to tax-exempt organizations
   34.021   Property acquired by tax exempt organizations
Solar Energy Systems
   34.035   Tax exemption for solar energy systems
Veterans or Their Surviving Spouses
   34.050   Additional tax exemption
Motor Vehicles Modified for Disabled Persons
   34.065   Property tax exemption for certain motor vehicles modified for disabled persons
Elderly and Totally Disabled Homeowners
   34.080   Property tax relief for elderly and totally disabled homeowners
Low and Moderate Income Housing
   34.095   Definitions
   34.096   Contracts for abatement
   34.097   Term
   34.098   Valuation
   34.099   State assistance