(a)   Appointment and Term.  There is hereby created the position of City Engineer, who shall be appointed by the Mayor, subject to the confirmation of Council.  He shall serve at the pleasure of the Mayor or may be removed from his position by a vote of two-thirds of the total voting of Council.
   (b)   General Duties.  The City Engineer shall perform such duties as the nature and character of his office may require.  The duties of the Engineer shall include the following:
      (1)   The Engineer shall be responsible for the entire activities of the Planning Department.
      (2)   The Engineer shall supervise all personnel who are included in this chapter.
      (3)   The Engineer shall perform such other duties as are conferred by the Mayor, and :
         A.   Supervision of the engineering connected with the Service-Safety Director's office, including investigation, design, maintenance, construction or accomplishment of public works, projects and related work, as required.
         B.   Establish criteria for design and construction of public works projects.
         C.   Coordinate projects with work of other City departments and other private and public agencies.
         D.   Assign inspectors to the various projects to utilize any special talent inherent in the individual and to insure adequate coverage of all contracted projects.
         E.   Investigate citizens complaints for the Director of Public Service and Safety, prepare work programs and assist in department budget.
         F.   Prepare specifications and bid information for all City construction and maintenance programs, pass upon the work of engineering consultants for compliance with contracts.
   (c)   Qualifications.  The Engineer shall meet all state requirements to perform the duties of a professional civil engineer, as are, or may be required by state law.  The Engineer need not be a resident of the City, at the time of his appointment, but must become a resident within six months after his appointment.
   The Engineer shall have comprehensive knowledge of the principles and practices of civil engineering as applied to the development and construction of public works projects; ability to plan, lay out and direct the work of subordinates; ability to plan projects and prepare related designs, estimates and specifications; ability to perform difficult engineering problems; skill in the use of civil engineering instruments and equipment; and good professional engineering judgment; ability to interpret other engineers' designs, plans and specifications, knowledge of construction inspection.
(Ord. 79, 1989.  Passed 12-18-89.)