143.01  CREATION.
   There is hereby created the Department of Planning and Development.  The major objective of the Department shall be as follows:
   (a)   The Department shall render technical assistance, upon request, to Council, the Mayor, department heads, commissions and boards.
   (b)   The Department shall oversee the construction and design of projects undertaken by the City to promote the orderly physical development of the City.
   (c)   The Department shall act as a catalyst for the improvement of the City's infrastructure and economic condition.
   (d)   The Department shall coordinate delivery of all related social services to the various sectors of the community.
   (e)   The Department shall serve as the City's liaison to all federal, state and county administrative agencies, where appropriate.
   (f)   The Department shall perform such other duties as are ordained by Council or the Mayor.
      (Ord. 79, 1989.  Passed 12-18-89.)