Preservation and Design Review Regulations
1185.01   Establishment.
1185.02   Purpose.
1185.03   Definitions.
1185.04   Design Review Board.
1185.05   Organization and rules of the Review Board.
1185.06   Duties of the Review Board.
1185.07   The Downtown East Liverpool Preservation District.
1185.08   Designation criteria for landmarks and other preservation districts.
1185.09   Procedure for establishing future preservation districts and landmarks.
1185.10   Limitation on issuance of building, demolition and sign permits.
1185.11   Issuance of certificate of appropriateness.
1185.12   Criteria for evaluating applications for certificates of appropriateness.
1185.13   Demolition.
1185.14   Minimum maintenance requirement.
1185.15   Exclusions.
1185.99   Penalty.