(a)   The service charges shall consist of a user charge, a debt service charge, extra strength user surcharge and connection charge.  The user charge is payment to the City by all recipients of sewer service for treatment of normal strength wastewater or wastewater of less than normal strength.  It is designed to offset the cost of operation and maintenance of the collection and treatment facilities, including cost associated with equipment replacement.  The user charge is intended to enable the Sewer Department to be financially self-sufficient with respect to operation and maintenance of its facilities.
   (b)   For wastewaters which exceed normal strength, the user shall pay extra strength user surcharges, as specified herein under Section 931.07 in addition to the other sewer service charges specified in this chapter for normal strength wastewater.
   (c)   The debt service charge is payment to the City by all recipients of service, and is designed to cover specific debt service requirements incurred as a result of constructing required capital improvements.
   (d)   The connection charge is a one-time charge that shall be paid by all new users that will be tributary to the City's wastewater system.  It is a charge for acquiring equity in the City's existing wastewater system.  Funds received from these charges shall be used for future capital improvements of the City's wastewater treatment plant.
(Ord. 39.  Passed 8-1-88.)