(a)   Surcharges shall be determined on the basis of the following constituents of the wastewater that are in excess of normal strength wastewater:
      (1)   Total suspended solids (non-filterable residue)
      (2)   BOD, 5-days at twenty degrees Centigrade.
   (b)   When any or all of the total suspended solids or BOD5 of a wastewater accepted for admission to the City's sanitary sewer system exceeds the values of the above specified constituents or normal strength wastewater, the amount of the treatment surcharge to be paid shall be based on the cost per pound of removing the excess quantity of each constituent.
   (c)   Extra strength user surcharges are hereby established as follows:
               Cost Per Pound
      (1)   Suspended solids      $0.26
      (2)   5-day biochemical oxygen demand   0.26
(Ord. 39.  Passed 8-1-88.)