The regulations for each district set forth by this title shall be minimum regulations and shall apply uniformly to each class or kind of structure or land, except as hereinafter provided.
   A.   No building, structure or land shall be used or occupied and no building or structure or part thereof shall be erected, constructed, reconstructed, moved or structurally altered except in conformity with all of the regulations herein specified for the district in which it is located;
   B.   No building or other structure shall be erected or altered:
      1.   To provide for greater height or bulk,
      2.   To accommodate or house a greater number of families,
      3.   To occupy a greater percentage of lot area,
      4.   To have narrower or smaller rear yards, front yards, side yards or other open spaces
than herein required, or in any other manner be contrary to the provisions of this title; and
   C.   No yard or lot existing at the effective date hereof shall be reduced in dimension or area below the minimum requirements set forth herein. Yards or lots created after the effective date hereof shall meet at least the minimum requirements set forth herein.
   D.   No building or structure or part thereof shall be erected or constructed except where the following conditions have been satisfied: (Ord. 298, 10-14-1997)
      1.   All streets to be dedicated to the Ada County highway district as public streets, as defined in section 8-1-2 of this chapter and section 9-1-6 of this code, shall be constructed as required by ACHD or as required by this code, whichever holds the higher standard; (Ord. 443, 11-11-2003)
      2.   Sanitary restrictions are removed pursuant to Idaho Code 50-1326;
      3.   Fire hydrants and water mains are provided, and operable, pursuant to section 9-4-1-11 of this code; and
      4.   Street signs are installed which adequately identify the location of such building for emergency purposes. (Ord. 298, 10-14-1997)