9-1-3: PURPOSE:
The purpose of these regulations is to promote the public health, safety and general welfare, and to provide for:
   A.   The harmonious development of the city and its area of impact 1 ;
   B.   The coordination of streets and roads within a subdivision with other existing or planned streets and roads;
   C.   Adequate open space for travel, light, air and recreation;
   D.   Adequate transportation, water drainage and sanitary facilities;
   E.   The avoidance of the scattered subdivision of land that would result in either of the following:
      1.   The lack of water supply, sewer service, drainage, transportation or other public services; or
      2.   The unnecessary imposition of an excessive expenditure of public funds for the supply of such services;
   F.   The requirements as to the extent and the manner in which:
      1.   Roads shall be created, improved and maintained; and
      2.   Water and sewer and other utility mains, piping connection, or other facilities shall be installed;
   G.   The manner and form of making and filing of any plats; and
   H.   The administration of these regulations by defining the powers and duties of approving authorities. (Ord. 88, 11-15-1983)



1. See also title 8, chapter 8 of this code.