It shall be the responsibility of the board to protect property rights and values, enhance important environmental features of the City, and to ensure that the general appearance of buildings and structures, along with development of the land, shall not impair or preclude the orderly and harmonious development of the community.
The board shall review all development proposals within the Design Review District. Within this district, the board, with input from the Zoning Administrator, shall regulate landscaping and beautification laws, review building design, and review site planning, signs, grading, development. This includes, but is not limited to, the regulation and restriction of the type of building, number of stories, size of building, construction, reconstruction, alteration, repair, or use of buildings and structures. The board shall ensure compliance with the requirements of the respective Design Review Overlay Districts, City of Eagle Comprehensive Plan, and relevant ordinances. Additionally, the Zoning Administrator may act on behalf of the board where allowed by this Code.
Lack of a quorum of board members shall require review of pending business by the board during the next scheduled board meeting. (Ord. 781, 8-8-2017)