2-1-5: DUTIES:
It shall be the duty of the planning and zoning commission to:
   A.   Conduct a planning process designed to prepare, implement, review and update a comprehensive plan that includes all lands within the governing board's jurisdiction;
   B.   Hold public hearings prior to recommending the comprehensive plan, changes to the plan and ordinances, special use permits, rezone applications, planned unit development proposals and variance applications, and zoning ordinance amendments;
   C.   Provide ways and means to obtain citizen participation in the planning process;
   D.   Recommend subdivision and zoning ordinances;
   E.   Recommend changes to a comprehensive plan and zoning ordinance prior to annexation of an unincorporated area;
   F.   Recommend a map, a governing plan and ordinances for an area of city impact that is within the unincorporated area of the county; and
   G.   Such other duties as are required by Idaho law and this code. (Ord. 68, 1-13-1980)