A.   Any approval given pursuant to the provisions of this article shall lapse and become null and void twelve (12) months following the date on which it was given, unless, prior to the expiration date, construction or development is commenced and diligently pursued toward completion on the site which was the subject of the application.
      1.   A maximum twelve (12) month extension of the time limit of the approved design review application may be approved by the Zoning Administrator if the following findings are made:
         a.   There are no outstanding City Code or design review conditions of approval violations on the subject property. If such violations exist, they may be conditioned by the Zoning Administrator to be cured as a condition of the extension of time;
         b.   The design review application, as previously approved, remains in the best interests of the health, safety, and general welfare of the City;
         c.   There have been no significant changes to this Code between the date of application approval and the application date of the time extension request that would require substantial modifications to the project;
         d.   There are no hazardous conditions which have developed or have been discovered on the project site;
         e.   The public facilities and services required for the project remain adequate;
         f.   The applicant has provided a viable and acceptable plan which demonstrates that the project will commence within the year; and
         g.   The applicant has provided a schedule that depicts the anticipated progress of the project.
      2.   The Zoning Administrator reserves the right to revoke the extension of time approval if it is determined that any of the criteria herein are not met.
      3.   This section does not limit the number of extensions the Zoning Administrator may grant so long as the criteria set forth in subsection A1 of this section are met. (Ord. 756, 8-23-2016)