This article applies to all proposed development located within the Design Review Overlay District which shall include the entire City limits, and any land annexed into the City after the date of adoption hereof. Such development includes, but is not limited to, new commercial, industrial, institutional, office, multi-family and single-family attached residential projects, signs, common areas, subdivision signage, proposed conversions, proposed changes in land use and/or building use, exterior remodeling or repainting with a color different than what is existing, exterior restoration, and enlargement or expansion of existing buildings, signs or sites, and requires the submittal of a design review application pursuant to this article and a fee as established by resolution of the City Council. Design review applications for a change in paint color are subject to review and approval by the City but otherwise shall not be required to comply in all respects to the requirements of this article.
An individual single-family dwelling located within the A, A-R, R-E, and R Zoning District, unless required as part of the PUD, is specifically excluded from the requirements of the Design Review Overlay District. (Ord. 809, 4-9-2019; amd. Ord. 820, 12-10-2019; Ord. 827, 10-22-2020)