A.   Licenses, Application, Fees: It shall be unlawful to keep, maintain, harbor or possess upon the premises of any household a dog unless the owner or person in charge shall have obtained a dog license for such dog. All dog licenses shall be valid until December 31 of each calendar year. The owner, or person having charge, of any dog within the city shall make application to the clerk or the humane shelter director and pay a license fee according to the following schedule: (Ord. 369, 5-30-2000)
Nonneutered or nonspayed dogs
Nonneutered or nonspayed dogs
(senior citizen fee)
Spayed or neutered dogs
Spayed or neutered dogs
(senior citizen fee 60 years old)
Late fee - after February 1
      1.   Issuance Of Metal License Tag: Upon receipt of such application and payment of fees, the person issuing the license shall issue a receipt designating the owner's name and the number of the license, the sex (or status of spayed or neutered) of the dog and the amount paid by owner, together with a metal tag bearing the number corresponding to that upon the receipt.
      2.   Lost Tags: If a license is lost, the clerk or director of the Idaho Humane Society or other designated agent shall, upon application and payment of five dollars ($5.00), issue a duplicate tag. Licenses for the following year may be purchased within thirty (30) days prior to the expiration date.
      3.   Certificate Of Neuter Required: A certificate of neuter or spay issued by a veterinarian or the Idaho Humane Society shall be required to be present at the time the license is applied for in order to secure the license rate for a neutered or spayed dog.
      4.   Exception For Guide Dog: License fees shall be waived for any guide dog that has been properly trained for and is used to guide a blind or partially blind person, a person with impaired hearing or any other severely disabled person who requires a guide dog. To qualify under this exception, the owner and user of the dog must be medically certified as having a visual or hearing impairment by a licensed medical doctor. (Ord. 488, 12-7-2004)
   B.   Imitation License Tags: It shall be unlawful for any person to allow any dog owned, kept or harbored by him to wear a license tag received on account of a former licensee or to wear any imitation of the license tag issued by the city for that year.
   C.   Training And Exercise Grounds: The city council may designate such areas of the public park or other public grounds of the city which may be used, subject to the rules and regulations as may be prescribed, for the training or exercise of dogs. Dogs within such areas so designated need not be controlled by leash, but shall be under the control of a responsible person and controlled by whistle, voice or other effective command.
   D.   Collar; Tag: Every dog shall at all times wear a substantial, durable collar, to which shall be securely attached the required license tag. (Ord. 369, 5-30-2000)
   E.   Violation And Penalty: A violation of this section shall be an infraction as set forth in section 4-5-4-2 of this chapter. (Ord. 697, 5-14-2013)