A.   Garbage And Rubbish Disposal: A franchisee shall perform all services incidental to and in connection with collecting, gathering, hauling, conveying, and transporting garbage or rubbish in an orderly and timely manner. Garbage and rubbish shall be disposed of at state approved solid waste disposal sites only.
   B.   Vehicle Construction And Condition: All vehicles used in collecting, gathering, hauling, conveying, or transporting garbage or rubbish shall be constructed in a manner that will prevent any portion of the garbage or rubbish from leaking, spilling, falling, or blowing out of said vehicles onto any highway, street, alley, or other public or private place. All vehicles shall be equipped with watertight, leakproof bodies and provided with tightfitting covers, which shall remain closed at all times except when actually depositing garbage or rubbish in the conveyance or removing garbage or rubbish from it. All vehicles shall be kept in a clean and sanitary condition at all times and shall be disinfected at regular intervals of not less than once every two (2) weeks. All vehicles shall be subject to inspection at reasonable hours by the city clerk or the city clerk's duly authorized representative.
   C.   Collection And Fee Schedules: A franchisee shall collect and dispose of garbage and rubbish from each customer at least once a week or as may otherwise be provided by the city. A franchisee shall only impose for such service those fees which are approved by the city council.
   D.   Terms Of Franchise: In addition to the requirements of this chapter, the city and any franchisee shall by agreement approved by such parties set forth any additional terms and conditions the city and franchisee deem appropriate. (Ord. 743, 11-17-2015)