No licensee hereunder shall:
   A.   Fail to comply with any of the provisions set forth in this chapter;
   B.   Misrepresent the purpose of, or affiliation of those engaged in, the solicitation;
   C.   Continue efforts to solicit from an individual once that individual informs the solicitor that he does not wish to give anything to or to buy anything from that solicitor;
   D.   Represent the issuance of any license under this chapter as an endorsement or recommendation of the solicitation;
   E.   Enter upon any premises when the same is posted with a sign stating "No Peddlers Allowed" or "No Solicitation Allowed" or other words to such effect;
   F.   Commit fraud, make misrepresentation or false statement in the course of carrying on the business. (Ord. 791, 4-24-2018, eff. 6-1-2018)