§ 150.17  APPLICATION.
   A person seeking issuance of a permit hereunder shall file an application for a permit with the Building Official.
   (A)   Form. The application shall be made in writing upon forms provided by the Building Official, available at City offices, and shall be filed in the office of the Building Official and shall contain such information as the Building Official shall find necessary to determine whether a permit shall be issued.
   (B)   Accompanying papers.
      (1)   Tax certificate. The owner of the building to be moved shall file evidence that all real estate taxes and special assessments against the building and lot from which it is to be removed are paid in full.
      (2)   Certificate of ownership. The applicant, if other than the owner, shall file written evidence that he, she or they are entitled to move the building.
      (3)   Consent of public utility company. The applicant shall file, prior to issuance of a permit, written evidence of arrangements with all public utility companies whose wires, lamps or poles are required to be removed for the removal thereof by the company.
      (4)   Proof of commissioners bond/license. The moving contractor/applicant shall present proof of a building mover license/bond as issued by the state’s Public Service Commission in conformity with M.S. § 221.81, as it may be amended from time to time.
      (5)   Listing of area properties. An accurate listing showing all property owner names and addresses within 350 feet of the outer boundaries of the property to which the building is to be moved.
      (6)   Site plan and elevation drawings. The applicant shall provide a certificate of survey of the property to which the building is to be moved showing property and building elevations, building setbacks and any easements thereon. Elevation drawings shall specify siding and roofing material to be used. At the City’s discretion, photographs may be substituted for building elevation drawings.
      (7)   Hazard removal documents. Sufficient certificates or evidence shall be presented demonstrating that the building has been abated for rodents, asbestos and other harmful materials prior to its being brought into the City limits.
   (C)   Fee. The application shall be accompanied by a building permit fee, as established by § 34.01 of this code of ordinances. After approval of the moving permit, a building permit fee, which fee is to be determined by the Building Official based on the value of all Building Code upgrades, all expenses necessary for site preparation including final grading, and all other expenses associated with the moving and placing of the building onto the lot, will be assessed.
(Prior Code, § 1109.03)