A.   For the procurement of supplies, materials, equipment and/or services valued in excess of fifty thousand dollars ($50,000.00) in a single transaction, except as provided in section 7-106 of this chapter, the following formal bids and awards are hereby adopted and authorized:
      1.   The City Manager, or their authorized representative, shall prepare an invitation for bids packet, containing, among other things:
         a.   Written specifications of the supplies, materials, equipment and services to be procured;
         b.   Deadline for receipt of bids;
         c.   Bid opening date;
         d.   Required bidder's qualifications, if any;
         e.   Statement that the City Council may accept or reject any or all bids without penalty; and
         f.   Non-collusion affidavits.
      2.   Invitation for bids shall be publicized as follows:
         a.   A brief descriptive advertising in local newspaper and notification by mail or all known qualified vendors and/or contractors;
         b.   The minimum advertising period shall be two (2) weeks with two (2) published notices, the second publication being at least five (5) days after the first publication, and bid opening not earlier than five (5) days after final publication.
         c.   Bid packets will be maintained by and be available from the Office of the City Manager, or their authorized representative.
      3.   Bid opening shall be as follows:
         a.   Bids shall be opened on the day and hour and at the place identified in the invitation for bids;
         b.   Bids shall be opened and read aloud by the City Manager, or their designated representative; and
         c.   Bids shall be tabulated and reviewed for conformity to the invitation for bids.
      4.   The City Council shall review the bid tabulations and recommendations from the City Manager, and shall accept or reject any or all bids.
      5.   At the conclusion of any competitive bidding without the receipt of any bids in response to the published invitation for bids, the City Manager is hereby authorized to negotiate contracts to be approved by the City Council. (Ord. 1776, 4-24-2018)