A.   The City Manager, or their designee, may purchase the following without giving an opportunity for competitive bidding.
      1.   Purchases: Goods or services whose cost does not exceed fifty thousand dollars ($50,000.00) in a single transaction;
      2.   Sole Source: Goods or services which can be furnished only by a single vendor, or which have a uniform price wherever bought;
      3.   Government Agencies: Goods or services purchased from another unit of government at a price not exceeding a price set therefor by the State Purchasing Agency or any other State agency hereafter authorized to regulate prices for things purchased by the State, whether such price is determined by a contract negotiated with a vendor or otherwise;
      4.   Unique Items: Goods or services that by their own nature are unique and as such are impossible or impractical to purchase by competitive bidding. These items may include professional services such as attorney, auditor, physician, financial or personnel consultants, etc.; real property; special purpose items such as used equipment;
      5.   Miscellaneous: Goods or services that are impossible or impractical to purchase by competitive bidding because of vendor availability or qualifications; economic situation; opportunity; necessity; or when in the best interest of the City. This may include maintenance services, hauling, agriculture services; items with unstable prices such as fuel or asphalt; and items that become available for immediate purchase;
      6.   Emergency Purchases: Goods or services purchased where delivery is critical to life, health, or convenience of the City and its inhabitants; and
      7.   State Purchasing And Purchasing Cooperatives: The City Manager is authorized to designate the State Office of Central Purchasing as its agent for the purchase or procurement of any item or service contracted or available to the State under the provisions of the Oklahoma Central Purchasing Act, 74 Oklahoma Statutes section 85.1 et seq. In addition, may purchase budgeted supplies, materials, equipment and services through any purchasing cooperative in which it is a member, provided the purchasing cooperative utilizes a competitive procurement process for the selection of eligible vendors;
      8.   Contractual Services: Contractual services of a professional nature, including but not limited to services such as engineering, architectural, legal, and medical services; and
      9.   Utility Services: Utility services (gas, electricity, telephone services, etc.) purchased from the public utility corporation at a price or rate determined by the State Corporation Commission or other government agency;
      10.   Approval By City Council: Any purchases in excess of five thousand dollars ($5,000.00) made or proposed by the City Manager shall be approved by a majority vote of the City Council. (Ord. 1776, 4-24-2018)