Section 8-5 Nepotism, Compatibility Of Offices.
   1. Neither the city manager, the council nor any other authority of the city government, may appoint or elect any person related to any councilman, the city manager, or to himself, or, in the case of a plural authority, to one if its members, by affinity or consanguinity within the third degree, to any office or position of profit in the city government; and
   2. Except as may be otherwise provided by this charter or by ordinance, the same person may hold more than one office or position in the city government. The city manager may hold more than one such office or position, through appointment by himself, by the council or by other city authority having power to fill the particular office or position, subject to any regulations which the council may make by ordinance; but he may not receive compensation for service in such other offices and positions. Also the council by ordinance may provide that the city manager shall hold ex officio designated administrative offices subordinate to the city manager as well as other designated compatible city offices.