Section 6-1 Municipal Court.
   There shall be a municipal judge, who shall be an officer of the city appointed by the city manager for an indefinite term. The council may suspend or remove the municipal judge or acting municipal judge at any time by a vote of a majority of all its members. The municipal judge shall have original jurisdiction to hear and determine all cases involving offenses against the charter and ordinances of the city; provided that the council by ordinance may create a minor violations bureau with authority to dispose of cases arising out of designated minor violations, such as minor traffic and parking violations, on request of accused persons who desire to plead guilty and who are able and willing to pay fines and costs. The municipal judge shall keep a record of all proceedings of the municipal court, of the disposition of all cases, and of all fines and other money collected. The style of all processes shall be in the name of the city. The municipal judge may administer oaths, make and enforce all proper orders, rules and judgments, and punish for contempt.