Section 2-6 City Clerk.
   1. The city treasurer shall be ex officio city clerk, and an acting city treasurer shall be ex officio acting city clerk. In the absence from a meeting of the city clerk and acting city clerk if any, the council may appoint an acting city clerk to serve for that particular meeting.
   2. The city clerk shall keep the journal of the proceedings of the council; shall enroll in a book or books kept for the purpose all ordinances and resolutions passed by it; shall be custodian of such documents, records and archives as may be provided by applicable law or ordinance; shall be custodian of the seal of the city; shall attest, and affix the seal to, documents when required in accordance with applicable law or ordinance; and shall perform such other duties as the charter or the council may prescribe or direct. The city clerk, as such, does not collect revenue and other money for the city except as may be incidental to his duties as city clerk; in all other cases where the law or ordinances provide that money shall be paid to the city clerk, it shall be paid instead to the city treasurer as city treasurer.