(a)   This Article provides a process for the identification, inspection, correction, and removal of unsafe structures within the city in a manner that provides adequate notice and due process to the owners of such structures while protecting the public from danger due to unsafe or unsanitary conditions.
   (b)   This Article is intended to authorize the City to exercise, to the fullest extent provided by law, the power and authority provided by W. Va. Code Section 8-12-16, as it may be amended, subject to the requirements and limitations therein.
   (c)   The powers and duties granted in this Article are in addition to those otherwise granted by law and shall not be construed to limit any other lawful powers of the City of Dunbar, including the power of code enforcement officials to interpret and enforce the Building Code of the City of Dunbar, West Virginia.
   (d)   This Article shall be construed liberally to promote the purpose of efficiently abating dangerous conditions that are harmful to the community.
(Ord. 771. Passed 4-2-18.)