The Board of Examiners shall have the power to rescind all licenses issued under this article. A license shall be revoked immediately by the Board upon conviction of the holder thereof, duly had in a court of competent jurisdiction, of the violation of the laws of the State, or of the ordinances of the City, relative to the installation, repair, cleaning, alteration or addition to warm air furnaces or to any warm air heating system. A license issued pursuant to this article may also be revoked by the Board in its discretion when it finds that the licensee is guilty of fraudulent use of his license or of incompetency in the exercise of the privileges of the license, of fraud or misrepresentations, in securing the license or permits granted pursuant to the Building and Housing Code, or refusal to conform his work to the requirements of law or of such other branches of duty by the licensee hereunder as the Board may regard contrary to the intent and purpose of this article. In all cases involving revocation of license, at least fifteen days notice of the contemplated revocation shall be served upon the licensee whose license is in question and the notice shall be in the form of a summons, as provided by the laws of the State in civil actions and shall be served in the manner provided by such laws for the service of such summons. It shall indicate the time and place of the hearing, the general grounds of the contemplated revocation and shall advise the licensee of his right to appear at the hearing in person and by counsel for the purpose right to interrogate witnesses at the hearing and be heard orally upon the merits of his defense. The Board may request legal advice from the City law department and adopt such procedure for its decorum and the dispatch of business at such hearings as it may regard advisable. The decision of the Board shall be final and no licensee whose license has been revoked shall be granted a new license until the expiration of six months after the revocation of aforesaid and after successful examination and payment of all fees as in the original instance. A revocation of license shall not entitle a licensee to a refund or any part of the license fee which he may have paid.
(1978 Code Sec. 5-61)