(a)    All persons, firms or corporations engaged in the business or occupation of installing, altering, repairing, cleaning or adding to any warm air heating system of the City, regardless of residence or place of business, shall be required to secure a license before engaging in such work. This license is to be issued by the Building Inspector to any persons if the provisions of this article have been fully complied with by such applicant.
   (b)    The initial fee for such license shall be:
Warm air heating contractor
Journeyman or mechanic
The annual renewal shall be:
Warm air heating contractor
Journeyman or mechanic
(Ord. 458. Passed 3-26-82.)
   (c)    No part of any fee shall be refunded for any cause. No license shall be transferable. A permit shall be secured from the Building Inspector's office to install, add to, or alter any warm air heating system. The fee for such shall be:
Old Work
Replace Furnace (no duct work)
New furnace and duct work as required
Duct work openings up to five, inclusive
1.00 each
Each additional
   The installation shall be inspected upon completion and written approval notice furnished to the license holder. If the job is rejected, written notice shall be furnished to the license holder with reason for rejection stated and a reasonable time given for correcting the defect or defects. (1978 Code Sec. 5-58)