The Board of Examiners shall make such rules and prescribe such procedures as may be necessary for its operation in conformity with this article. Its decision shall be concurred in by at least three members of the Board. It shall have complete control over the examination of the applicants for license under this article. Examinations of applicants shall be conducted quarterly if there are applicants who desire to be examined, at such times and places as the Board may designate, and such examinations shall be written, consisting of material taken from the current manuals of the National Warm Air Heating Association. The Board may make such rules and regulations governing examinations as it may see fit, provided that all rules and regulations shall be uniformly applied. It shall keep an accurate record of all applications for examinations, examinations given and results thereof. The Board shall certify to the Building Inspector the names of all the successful applicants with recommendation for the issuance of licenses. It shall keep accurate minutes of all its meetings and keep such other records as may be required by the Codified Ordinances or the general law.
(1978 Code Sec. 5-57)