1769.08  APPEALS.
   Within ten days after receipt of written notice from the Chief of Police requiring the installation and maintenance of photoelectric, ultrasonic or other intrusion detection device, the person responsible for compliance therewith may appeal in writing to Council. In filing the appeal, the appellant shall set forth the specific grounds wherein it is claimed there was an error or abuse of discretion by the Chief of Police, or wherein the issuance of such writing was not supported by proper evidence. Upon receipt of such appeal, Council shall in its discretion hear both sides of the contested issue and any evidence of the dispute. Council may then affirm, reverse or modify the decision of the Chief of Police. If such decision is affirmed or modified by Council, the appellant shall be given written notice thereof by the Chief of Police setting forth the installation to be made and the period of time within which the same shall be completed. In no event shall the period be less than that originally granted appellant. Failure to comply with such notice within the time specified shall be a violation of this article.
(1978 Code Sec. 5-32)