(a)    If it is determined by the Chief of Police that the security measures and locking devices prescribed in Section 1769.06 do not adequately secure the building, he may require the installation and maintenance of photoelectric, ultrasonic, or other intrusion detection devices. In making such determination he shall consider whether:
      (1)    The business establishment has experienced a high incidence of burglary in the past, or
      (2)    The type of merchandise and its inventory value require added security protection. 
   (b)    If he determines that such installation is required, notice in writing shall be given to the responsible person designated in Section 1769.04 specifying the installation to be made and the period of time within which such installation shall be completed. Unless an appeal is filed in accordance with Section 1769.04, failure to comply with such notice within the time specified shall be a violation of this article.
(1978 Code Sec. 5-31)