(a)    There is hereby established a Board of Examiners for Plumbers, to consist of three members who shall be licensed master plumbers or licensed plumbing contractors or journeymen plumbers and residents of the City, appointed by the Mayor.
   (b)    The three members of the Board shall serve during the will and pleasure of the Mayor or until their successors are appointed and qualified, but all appointments shall be approved by Council.
   (c)    Each member of the Board shall receive one dollar ($1.00) for each examination made.
   (d)    The Board shall have power and authority and it shall be its duty to prescribe, amend and enforce rules and regulations for the examination and licensing of journeymen and master plumbers and the licensing of plumbing contractors consistent with the provisions of this article.
   (e)    The Board shall meet at such times and places as Council may designate and at such other times and places as may be necessary to carry out the duties imposed upon them. The Board shall examine all applicants for licenses as journeymen plumbers, master plumbers and plumbing contractors, as to their practical knowledge of plumbing and, if satisfied as to the fitness of such applicant to carry on work under the type of license applied for, the Board shall issue the requisite certificate. (1978 Code Secs. 21-11 to 21-14)