(a)    A permit must be secured from the Plumbing Inspector before any plumbing work can be done in the City, whether the installation shall be temporary or permanent and whether for lines, fixtures and equipment or for making extensions or change to present plumbing and whether upon premises, inside or outside or attached to building or structure of any character. No person shall proceed with such work without a permit or vary the terms of the permit, or the requirements of this article without the written approval of the Plumbing Inspector. However, any public utility holding a franchise from the City shall have the right to install, connect, disconnect or to remove plumbing lines, fixtures, or equipment without obtaining a permit to do so.
   (b)    When a job is finally completed, the person taking out the permit shall notify the Inspector and failure to do so shall be deemed a violation of this article.
   (c)    Permits shall be issued to a bona-fide owner of property permitting him to install, personally, plumbing on property owned by such person provided the owner does the plumbing work in accordance with this article and the basic Plumbing Code.
   (d)    The Plumbing Inspector on behalf of the City shall charge for all permits at the following rates: Fifty cents ($.50) per fixture up to and including ten fixtures; over ten fixtures a fee of twenty-five cents ($.25) per fixture. Special inspections of installations not applicable to the above rate shall be charged for on an hourly basis.
   (e)    Any building which is occupied by a business which requires a City license shall be inspected by the Plumbing Inspector, and the plumbing fixtures and installations in such building must comply with the standards and requirements of this article and the basic Plumbing Code before a license will be issued to such business by the City Clerk.
(1978 Code Secs. 21-6 to 21-10)