(a)    Established.
      (1)    The office of Plumbing Inspector is hereby created and the official in charge shall be known as the Plumbing Inspector.
      (2)    There may be such number of Assistant Plumbing Inspectors as may be determined from time to time by Council.
      (3)    The Plumbing Inspector and Assistant Plumbing Inspector shall be appointed by the Mayor subject to the approval of Council and shall hold office until their successors are appointed, or until removed for good cause.
      (4)    Before entering upon the duties of the office, the Plumbing Inspector shall take the oath prescribed by law and shall give bond in the penalty of one thousand dollars ($1,000) with surety to be approved by Council. Each Assistant Plumbing Inspector shall take the same oath and give the same bond as the Plumbing Inspector. The Assistant Inspectors shall have the same powers and perform the same duties as the Plumbing Inspector.
      (5)    The Plumbing Inspector and Assistant Plumbing Inspector shall receive such salaries as may be fixed by resolution of Council. 
   (b)    Qualifications.  The Plumbing Inspector and Assistant Plumbing Inspectors shall be persons of good moral character, possessed of such executive ability as requisite to the performance of their duties, and they shall have a thorough knowledge of the standard materials used in the installation of plumbing equipment and fixtures. They shall be well versed in approved methods of plumbing construction, have a knowledge of the statutes of the State, relating to plumbing work, and the rules and regulations and standards of the Building Officials and Code Administrators International. They shall not have any interest whatever, directly or indirectly, in the sale or manufacture of any materials, process or device entering into or used in or in connection with plumbing construction, alterations, removal of equipment and fixtures.
   (c)    Powers and Duties.
      (1)    The Plumbing Inspector shall enforce the provisions of this article, and the rules and regulations of the Plumbing Code.
      (2)    He shall receive applications and grant permits thereon for the installation or alteration of plumbing fixtures, equipment and lines in accordance with the provisions of this article and the Plumbing Code.
      (3)    He shall make inspections of plumbing fixtures as provided by this article, and issue a tag, stamped APPROVED, which is to be affixed to plumbing fixtures pursuant to permit granted; provided the same comply with the rules and regulations of this and other ordinances of the City, the permit and the issue of the Plumbing Code. However, if defective, omissions or violations exists, no tag of approval will be stamped as such until corrections have been made.
      (4)    He shall keep on file in his office a list of inspections of plumbing installations which list shall be available for public reference during regular office hours.
      (5)    He shall keep a complete record of all permits issued and other official work performed.
      (6)    He shall inspect any plumbing equipment, lines, installations or fixtures in the City, and if the same are found to be unsafe to life or property, he shall notify the person, firm or corporation owning or operating such plumbing equipment, lines, installations or fixtures to correct the conditions within a time as he shall specify.
      (7)    He shall have the authority to notify any public utility to disconnect service in any building or premises containing defective or hazardous plumbing fixtures, lines, equipment or installations upon failure to correct any violations.
      (8)    He shall enforce all provisions of this article, and for such purpose he shall have a badge of identification. He or his representative may enter any building or premises for the purpose of making a plumbing inspection or to prevent violation of this article or the rules and regulations of the basic Plumbing Code, upon the presentation of the proper credentials, during reasonable hours. 
      (9)    The Plumbing Inspector shall notify the individual or firm of his approval or disapproval of each inspection. The report shall be mailed to the owner of the premises covered by the inspection.
         (1978 Code Secs. 21-2 to 21-4)