(A)   Created.
      (1)   The reconstruction task force shall be activated and mobilized upon the declaration of the initial building moratorium.
      (2)   The task force shall be responsible for advising the Town Council on a wide range of post-storm reconstruction issues.
   (B)   Primary function.
      (1)   A primary function of the task force is to receive and review damage reports and other analyses of post-storm circumstances and to compare these circumstances with mitigation opportunities identified prior to the storm to discern appropriate areas for post-storm change and innovation.
      (2)   The reconstruction task force can review in a more specific fashion alternative mechanisms for bringing these changes about and recommend the coordination of internal and external resources for achieving these ends.
   (C)   Responsibilities.
      (1)   The reconstruction task force shall have the following responsibilities.
      (2)   In addition to the responsibilities in division (B) above, the reconstruction task force shall:
         (a)   Review the nature of damages, identify and evaluate alternate program approaches for repairs and reconstruction, and formulate recommendations for handling community recovery;
         (b)   Recommend rezoning changes in areas of damage;
         (c)   Set a calendar of milestones for reconstruction tasks in conjunction with the Town Manager and department heads;
         (d)   Initiate requests for repairs to critical utilities and facilities;
         (e)   Recommend the expiration or extension of a moratorium for “major” and “minor” repairs;
         (f)   Recommend the designation of any land bordering an incipient inlet or inlet as an incipient inlet high hazard area; and
         (g)   Recommend the lifting or extension of a moratorium for new development;
(Ord. 02-03, passed 5-1-2002)