§ 152.01 INTENT.
   (A)   Following a damaging storm and enactment of a building moratorium it is the intent of the town to allow rebuilding and reconstruction in an orderly manner.
   (B)   The town will control the issuance of building permits to manage the location, timing and sequence of reconstruction and repair.
   (C)   It is further the intent of this chapter that the town establish, prior to the storm, a special reconstruction task force which will oversee the recovery and reconstruction process and serve as an advisory body to the Town Council on recovery/reconstruction issues.
   (D)   A main responsibility of this body will be to identify opportunities to mitigate future storm damages through the management of reconstruction.
   (E)   To further the intent of this chapter, the town will make every effort to develop its capacity to identify and orchestrate various post-storm reconstruction resources, while at the same time ensuring maximum local control over the reconstruction process.
(Ord. 02-03, passed 5-1-2002)