It is the purpose of this ordinance to promote public health, safety, and general welfare and to minimize public and private losses due to flood conditions within flood prone areas by provisions designed to:
   (A)   Restrict or prohibit uses that are dangerous to health, safety, and property due to water or erosion hazards or that result in damaging increases in erosion, flood heights or velocities;
   (B)   Require that uses vulnerable to floods, including facilities that serve such uses, be protected against flood damage;
   (C)   Control the alteration of natural floodplains, stream channels, and natural protective barriers, which are involved in the accommodation of floodwaters;
   (D)   Control filling, grading, dredging, and all other development that may increase erosion or flood damage; and
   (E)   Prevent or regulate the construction of flood barriers that will unnaturally divert floodwaters or which may increase flood hazards to other lands.
(Ord. 20-01, passed 5-20-2020)